Dedicating Your Practice - by Karen Ramsey McCabe

                                        Dedicating Your Practice

In yoga we're often asked at the beginning of class to dedicate our practice to someone or something. It's a perfect opportunity to offer good intentions towards something greater than ourselves.

A personal challenge had recently come up with someone I cared for deeply. I was hurt to learn they had been speaking negatively about me. I knew from experience this person was carrying a lot of pain from their past. I was aware their anger and pain was in parts a reflection of my own.

I chose to dedicate my yoga practice that day in the hopes they could release their anger and negativity so they could heal and be happy. With every reach of my fingertips, every opening of my heart and with every conscious breath, my dedication came back to the well being of this person. It was a great way to remain focused throughout the class and make it more meaningful.

My dedication to them turned out to be a release for me as well. It was probably one of the most fulfilling classes I had ever taken. My practice was lighter, I felt free and unburdened by the issue and felt no need to reciprocate the negativity. By dedicating and connecting to something greater than ourselves we inspire our own ability to love more. 

                          ~ May all beings be happy and contented~ 


About the Author

Karen Ramsey McCabe completed her Vinyasa yoga teacher training at Montezuma Yoga in 2009. 

She's a mother, dancer, graphic artist, co-owner of Anamaya Resort and is now flexing her wings as a writer.

She takes her personal life experiences as lessons to learn for inspiration and growth. She loves yoga, travel, spending time in nature, eating healthy and playing with her daughter. Karen is currently working on her first children's book.

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