Be Happy - by Christine Riley

I recently returned from a retreat at Montezuma Yoga and Hotel Los Mangos. My experience was truly amazing and life changing.
For a long time, I contemplated participating in a retreat but wasn't really sure what to expect. Dagmar not only provided a beautiful yoga studio and lovely surroundings in which our group practiced, but she also ensured that our experience included delicious meals and interesting activities that were both fun and challenging.
Our dwellings at Hotel Los Mangos were humble and rustic, which allowed me to truly appreciate the sights and sounds of nature within my reach: the chattering and howling of monkeys; the calming sound of ocean waves crashing on the shore; iguana gracefully roaming the grounds; beautiful birds and butterflies; and the most amazing sunrises and sunsets - just to name a few.
In this magical place without the pressures of media, work and noise, I was able to truly reflect on my hopes, dreams, fears, and sorrows and fully connect with myself - so much so that I've never felt more focused or this happy in a very long time. To be able to truly appreciate observing a spider spin its web across two trees and gently hold a butterfly in the palm of my hand was an amazing experience and truly a blessing.
Our group met gentle and kind locals and also connected with each other. Friendships blossomed as we shared our struggles and joys with poses, meditation and life. Most importantly, I met myself at Montezuma Yoga.
Upon returning home, I brought with me a deepened understanding and connection with myself and others. I am now pursuing the things I enjoy most with a full and open heart.

About Christine Riley:

...just a girl from South Philly PA. Relocated to San Diego in 2009 after separating from husband of 20+ years. Former Dancer, now Paralegal and certified indoor cycle instructor with prospects to open own studio in 2014. Started practicing yoga @ Pura Vida this year, grateful to the universe & loving life .

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